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martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

Other famous cocktails for this New Year's Eve : daiquiri , margarita , bloody mary , dry martini

Here are four other recipes for very famous cocktails : the Daiquiri , the Bloody Mary , the dry martini and margarita.

Daiquiri :


Cuban cocktail that has with different recipes. This I offer is the original without any further addition.

INGREDIENTS ( a service) :

2 tablespoons white rum 
Juice of half a lime (or whatever is necessary to achieve 20 ml , ie , a tablespoon )
A spoonful of white sugar
Ice cubes

Stir all ingredients , including ice , into a cocktail shaker . Pour into a cocktail glass that is cold with the ice cubes or sometimes , rarely , filtered so that they do not fall into the glass.

Margarita :


This cocktail of Mexican origin , is made with three ingredients : tequila, triple sec and lime juice . Triple sec is a generic name that encompasses several colorless liquors made distilling skin ​​of various kinds of orange . The best known triple sec are Cointreau, Curaçao and Grand Marnier . So for this cocktail you can use any of the three .
This cocktail has become famous for being served in cocktail glasses with frosted salt rim . Gastronomically speaking salt rim does not make any sense, but people is waiting it like an ingredient . To frost the edge turn the cup and dip the edge by placing it on a normal plate - not deep - where there is lemon juice or lime . The cup is then passed through another dish with salt so that it sticks to the edge.

INGREDIENTS ( a service) :

7 teaspoons of tequila
4 teaspoons triple sec
3 teaspoons lime juice

The three ingredients are stirred in a shaker and serve in a cocktail glass with salt rim frosty .

Bloody Mary :

bloody mary

While the cocktails we've seen so far - except Gin Tonic - can be considered " tropical " , either because they were born in heavenly places well because their ingredients are typical of such areas, the Bloody Mary is a urban cocktail, probably one of the World most famous cocktails.

Ingredients ( 1 serving ) :

2 tablespoons vodka
4 tablespoons half tomato juice
Pinch of salt and black pepper
3 drops of Worcestershire sauce
3 drops of Tabasco sauce
3 teaspoons lime juice

As in the case of margarita, we must frost salt rim using lime juice and salt. Another feature of this cocktail is that served in conventional , not straight glasses cocktail glasses . Nor is stirred , but gently mix the ingredients . The decoration of the glass is made with vegetables - pickles , lime - or a shrimp , but it is also common to use a celery which acts as a mixing spoon .

Dry martini :

dry martini

Do you want to emulate James Bond and ask dry martini shaken, not stirred ? This is your chance. There are people who prefer shaken and others removed, but it has proved that the differences between both preparations at the molecular level are minimal.

Ingredients ( 1 serving ) :

2 tablespoons half of gin ( vodka sometimes used )
3 teaspoons dry vermouth

Mix the two ingredients with ice cubes  in a mixing bowl, but pours in a  chilled cocktail glass always without ice. Serve garnished with an olivepunctured  on a stick.

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