Carpaccio of codfish

You can find many recipes of carpaccio of codfish. Basically all of them differ slightly just about the ingredients of the seasoning. This is one recipe between many but we encourage you to adapt it according your personal taste.


1 back of desalted codfish
lemon juice
vinegar of modena
virgin olive oil
black pepper

We desalt the back of the codfish in a pot with tap water that we introduce in the refrigerator during 24 hours. We will change the water at least couple of times during this period. 

When we have finished to desalt the fish we will place at the freezer so it becomes hard enough to make easier to cut in very fine fillets. A complete freezing is not necessary of course, this is just a trick to allow a very sharp knife to find enough resistance to cut the thin laminae. 

We will be depositing the semitransparent laminae in a plate until covering the surface completely. We will water the fillets with the juice of one lemon taking care just to soak, not to create 'broth'. We will do the same with a teaspoon of a mixture of modena vinegar and olive oil and, if the flavor is more tempting to us, we will even replace completely the juice of lemon by vinegar. 

We will use the windlass to dust black pepper in a very moderate way. We left to our criterion to know if we must or not to add salt. In general the content in salt of the codfish still desalted is enough and it would not be necessary, but cooker is the one has to decide about that tasting one or two fillets. Once we have prepared carpaccio is recommendable to maintain it at least one hour in the refrigerator before serving so that turns slightly macerated.


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