Pastry cream made in microwave oven in just 8 minutes

To make the pastry cream is essential to measure accurately the ingredients. It is also important to use a container with  cover that can go in the microwave. Once explained these premises, I assure you that the result is stunning and you would not hesitate never more before to include custard fillings in your desserts, apple pies...


2 and a half cups of milk (1pt)
4 egg yolks
90 grams sugar (3.2 oz)
40 grams of white wheat flour (1.4 oz)
20 grams of cornstarch (0.7 oz)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract ( best liquid )

In a large bowl with cover that can go in the microwave  we beat the yolks and sugar. When we get a homogeneous mixture add the flour and cornstarch well screened stirring continuously to avoid lumps .
Finally add the milk and vanilla , stirring and we check that there is not a single crumb .

We put the lid on the container and place it in the microwave on highest power for 3 minutes . After the time put out of the oven , beat the cream again, cover and place again inside the microwave oven to give another 2 minutes at full power . The cream is ready. Without removing the lid  put it in the fridge and when it's cool you have obtained a pint of custard made ​​in minutes and almost without effort. With it you can fill cakes , puff pastries  ....


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