Filet mignon recipe

Indeed the filet mignon is not a recipe but a cut of meat from beef or veal . Actually it is the end of the sirloin. The sirloin steak is an elongated portion that runs along the spine of veal and filet mignon (literally " small medallion " in French) is its end. As the name suggests , is shaped medallion. The filet mignon is the most tender, juicy and expensive beef and is considered, within the classification of quality beef, extra type . In France the filet mignon is called tournedos,  in Argentina bife de lomo , solomillo in Spain , and the United States tenderloin steak although most will understand if you ask a filet mingon.There are several ways of preparing filet mignon but the simplest is the combination of pan with oven. It is a very simple to prepare but be careful to do so in a way that does not lose its juice and serve immediately or otherwise becomes a kind of shoe sole .


Filet mignon ( tenderloin ) of about 1 inch thick (one piece by guest)
Extra virgin olive oil
Ground black pepper

We will remove the steak from the refrigerator and let stand at room temperature for one hour at least. This is very important . Then we salt and pepper on both sides.Then we get a pan able to go into the oven. Pour a splash of olive oil and heat it almost to the point of starting to smoke. We take the steak and place it on the upper side that will be shown to the guest . This is the first fry , which is always the cleanest , that's why will be the side shown to the guest when serving. The frying time is not excessive. Our intention is not to cook all meat - its thick would prevent it - but to create a crust around rather hard to prevent fluid loss . With two or three minutes should be enough. Then we'll turn around and do the same on the other side. Never press or cut the meat to check the cooking since this will only dry the meat.  When done the sides of the meat - but obvioulsy still with blood inside -  , we put it in a preheated oven at 356 F degrees (180 C)  and with 5 or 6 minutes the flesh should be made with the inside juicy and perfectly grilled on the outside . Naturally it should be served immediately.The filet mignon well done shows pink on the inside and dark brown on the outside , as shown in the photograph . It is a genuine meat for meat lovers with a single point medium or rare.


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