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viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2016

Cold tuna cake


1 large loaf of bread without crust

1 can of tuna in olive oil

5 ripe tomatoes

1 lettuce

1 can of red pepper

1 pot of mayonnaise


Pitted olives

You also need a disposable baking pan, round or rectangular.

We take the mold and fill the bottom with sliced ​​bread. We try to cut small pieces of bread to fill the entire bottom, leaving no empty space and thus making  round or rectangular form as accurate as possible.

We peel the tomatoes, remove seeds and  then pass through the blender. The resulting juice mix with flaked tuna and with the aid of a spoon we will extend over the first layer of bread. Add a little salt (canned tuna usually has a lot of salt so be careful when adding).

Then mount the second layer of bread over the first one once again taking care to do not leave empty spaces. Spread over the surface with the mixture of tomato and tuna. Proceed on until the last layer of bread reaches the edge of the mold. When this happens place someting heavy over it (a dish, for example) and put in the refrigerator protected  a transparent film overnight.

Unmold the cake carefully one hour before to eat. Cover the entire surface with mayonnaise and extend with the help of a spatula or broad knife.

Adorn the cake with olives, pickles and red pepper strips. Finally cut the lettuce into small pieces that we will be spreading across the surface of the cake or just around. The ways to decorate the pie and even the ingredients depend on individual taste.

Tuna pie requires a short  preparation time but you have to eat the result 24 hours after its preparation to allow bread get perfectly the shape of the mold.This recipe is very simple to prepare and the result is a very tender cake with awesome taste. Kids use to love it.

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