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jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

Milk with cardamom

Christmas meals can also be used to try new things. If you do not dare to experiment with main courses, you can try new desserts or even drinks like this. You will love it.

Halib bin hal (literally milk with cardamom, where Halib is milk and hal is cardamom) is a very popular drink in the Middle East. It is usually given to children during breakfast like the chocolate preparations we use to give in the West. While Middle Eastern breakfasts have little or nothing to do with Western breakfasts, lately they are approaching dangerously fast to what is prevalent here. In this way the breakfasts with cucumber, tomato, labneh, hummus, ayran or simit are replaced by dairy preparations and sweetened cereals. Thus turkish or arabic children of a certain age are getting used to drinking tea with milk very quickly before going to school and nibbling simit (bread with sesame) during the long road that often separates them from school.

Halib bin hal drink is prepared very fast and thanks to the cardamom evokes the traditional aromas of the East.


4 cups of whole milk
4 tablespoons sugar
2-3 cinnamon sticks
5 pods of green cardamom ground

In a medium-low heat casserole we add milk, sugar and flavorings. We stir the milk constantly to prevent from sticking and when it starts to boil we remove it immediately from fire.

It is served  directly into the cups,  removing before the flavorings with a strain. This drink is usually drunk really hot. In summer it is let to be cooled to room temperature and then brought to the refrigerator.

A refreshing and delicious drink, whether you are children or not.

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