Zeppole recipe

With zeppole recipe seems that we have a new recipe for donuts. And indeed , they are donuts , but unlike other recipes that we have given in this blog ( Zalabiya , Rosquilles de l' Empordà ) these are made with a kind of choux pastry . The choux pastry is light and is used in popular pastries such as french Lyonnaise. Preparation of zeppole is not simple cause it demands a very fine-tuned oven. But if you trust in your oven, then no problem with it.  The choux paste is made on hot , slowly pouring the flour in a hot liquid preparation such as milk, butter and water.
The zeppole are sweet typical of Naples . It is usually consumed for Saint Joseph ( March 19 ) but currently can be found at any time and in all Italian bakeries . Although they are often donut shape is also common , especially at homes , elongated shapes them like cannoli , Sicilian sweets par excellence or, as seen in the photo , like donuts (they are very similar to fritters consumed in Spain for Lent) .
It is a very simple recipe which I highly recommend . They deserve it.


2 cups of flour ( passed through a fine sieve )
2 cups of water
4 tablespoons of ​​white wine (one third of a cup )
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 cup icing sugar ( confectioners )
Pinch of salt
Extra virgin olive oil

In a large pot pour the pint of water and wine. We heat over medium heat until it begins to smoke. We must not allow boiling , this is important.
When this happens we add all the flour at once and stir constantly with a wooden spoon. After a while it will form a ball around the spoon. We remove the dough from water and place it on marble or a smooth and clean surface of the kitchen.
Kneaded with a roller until it becomes soft and smooth (at least half an hour ) . Now let's take the dough and roll it until takes like long snake shape with the thick of a finger.

Cut sections of 3 inches and join the ends to form donuts. We will fill before a deep pan with plenty of olive oil put at medium heat  and almost  near to start to smoke we will introduce the donuts. They should fry with much bubbling . Just put some few at a time, as they must float freely without touching in between .

With a toothpick or a fork  puncture the zeppole in order the dough comes out . In this way they are much more crisp and golden . When zeppole have taken a deep golden brown color, take them out and deposited on absorbent paper. The final touch is to make a mixture with cinnamon and sugar. Zeppole are passed by it and are ready to be consumed hot or cold , to consumer tastes .


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