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miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2020


The word cronut was coined by its creator, chef Dominique Ansel. It is an acronym for croissant and donought, that is, a mixture of both products. This good gentleman runs a pastry shop in New York's Soho and one day had the opportunity to make a pastry with layers of puff pastry but in the form of a donut. It was so successful that it registered the name and since then it is swelling to make money with its invention that soon has become popular throughout the world. At present, Mr. Ansel's pastry shop makes about 300 cronuts a day, which he sells for $ 5. The production is so small because they are very complicated to perform. In fact it can be said that from the basic ingredients until the sale goes 12 hours, which turns to the cronuts in one of the products of pastry of longer production.

There are some pseudo-recipes for cronuts on the Internet. I have made some of them and the truth is that they are extremely complicated, with the addition that the creator has never published any recipe, and therefore are only approximations (something that also happens with the Sacher Torte, among other hidden recipes).

This one I present is my version of cronut and the truth is that it resists comparison with pseudo recipes. With this recipe you will easily get cronuts, or puffed donuts, in just over half an hour.


4 sheets of puff pastry
Icing sugar
Sunflower oil
Optional fillings: pastry cream, jam, chocolate syrup or strawberry etc

Extend the puff pastry and with a round mold you will cut circles. Cover them with sugar glass and stack them on top of each other until they reach the height of a conventional donut (5 to 8 layers). If you want to add a filling you can do it in each layer or only in some. What I do recommend is to make only a thin line of filling to prevent frying the donut from overflowing. To make the center hole you need a smaller circular mold or a small glass of those used to serve liquor.

You must take these pastry stacks to the fridge and let them sit for half an hour.

Then you have to fry the donut. To do this, fill a fryer a good amount of sunflower oil and when it is hot, dip the cronut until it is golden. Once fried it is removed, placed on absorbent paper and sprinkled again with sugar glass.

I've never eaten an original cronut but I think the taste shouldn't differ much. And by the way, if you go to New York, don't feel disappointed if you can't buy them. In fact, so few are produced and the demand is so high that only two can be purchased per customer. As it sounds.

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