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viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

Seafood cream


200 grams / 7 oz of raw shrimp tails
1 large red onion
Half a clove of garlic
1 liter / 2.11 pt of fish stock
A cup light cream for cooking
Two large slices of bread
Almonds and hazelnuts ( half dozen of each )
One tablespoon of tomato paste
Parsley (a branch )
Extra virgin olive oil (or some vegetable oil, best corn or sunflower)

In a pan with a generous squirt of oil fry onion and finely chopped garlic. When the onion gets transparent incorporate raw shrimp tails until they take color. We put salt and pepper.
We remove the shrimp and reserve. In the same oil we fried the shrimps we fry  the bread slices , chopped parsley without the branch and almonds and hazelnuts , all well along with a tablespoon of concentrated of tomato. Then incorporate the fish stock  and bring to a boil . At that time we ad shrimp tails except for 8 we reserve  to decorate the plate of each guest .
We let it do for three minutes. Remove from heat and pass through the blender until it is a smooth liquid. Just then pour the cream and stir well . Rectify salt and pepper if necessary.
One cup of cream is served to each guest and is decorated with two shrimp tails and if you like with a little chopped parsley. A delicious and elegant recipe.

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